News Flash: Monday 7/31/17

Foreign Policy: The United States is taking action against the Venezuelan government saying that President Nicolas Maduro “abused human rights and organized an illegitimate vote while threatening opponents with jail time.”  The US Treasury froze all Venezuelan assets in the United States, joining North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Syria.  We are basically targeting a rogue leader […]

News Flash: Thursday 7/27/17

Markets: DJI: Up 0.39% S&P: Down 0.10% Nasdaq: Down 0.63% Consumer Confidence is up from last month, and we see that the major indices have been creeping upwards slightly this summer.  Many economists are forecasting market corrections, but no one is able to predict when.   The Dow is up, while the other two major […]

News Flash: Tuesday 7/25/17

Markets: S & P – Up .29% Dow – Up .47% Nasdaq – Up .02% Flat for the tech heavy nasdaq, as we see blue chip stocks leading the charge in the market increase today.   The S & P is sort of the compromise between the tech heavy nasdaq and the industrial heavy dow. […]

News Flash: Sunday 7/23/17

Technology: Norway is leading the charge on building ships that will not need a crew; they call this “autonomous shipping.”  This vessel is scheduled to make it’s first trip in late 2018, and will ship fertilizer 37 miles through Scandinavia.  These ships are costly, and legislation will most likely not be passed allowing crew-less ships […]