News Flash: Tuesday 7/25/17


S & P – Up .29%

Dow – Up .47%

Nasdaq – Up .02%

Flat for the tech heavy nasdaq, as we see blue chip stocks leading the charge in the market increase today.   The S & P is sort of the compromise between the tech heavy nasdaq and the industrial heavy dow.  As the blue chip stocks such as McDonalds posted good earnings, Alphabet (which is Google) dropped almost 3% today, which is an example of why we saw the three tiers in the stock indicies.



Technology is taking over the workforce, but there are still over 30 million jobs that pay of $35,000 that do not require a college degree.  These are considered “good jobs.”  The bad news is that there are 75 million Americans bidding for those 30 million jobs.  You can see where the high school graduates might not have the best of luck, with many coming from low quality public schools in the first place.  Even a 2 year associates degree greatly increases the chances of working your way into the new middle class sector in health care and financial services.  The states that do have a good ratio of good jobs for non degree holders still uphold the manufacturing stigma of the mid 20th century, such as Wyoming mining.  No one really knows how long these types of middle class jobs will be available.  They could be around forever, or they could be gone tomorrow with some new radical technology.  The labor market will most likely end up somewhere in between.  With that being said, students should work towards some sort of training program, even if that doesn’t mean college diploma.  There will always be a need for plumbers, electricians, movers, etc… and these are the jobs that are currently increasing demand, as people strive for the more prestigious and less nitty gritty corporate America.


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